January 31, 2009

What if I'm wrong?

I can see a broad vista stretched horizon to horizon, and I can only run forward. But I also know that I will have to stop after a few miles, leaving much of the expanse untouched.

It's easy to say that the grass will aways be greener elsewhere from whatever path I choose. One can just as easily say that if I proceed carefully enough, I should be able to find the greenest grass.

Has anyone in history ever made an important decision and felt 100% sure that it was the right choice? Can someone be completely free of small twinges of regret and second-guesses? If it's over and done with, it shouldn't matter, but it is in the nature of humans to wonder, What if?


  1. What if you're right?

  2. I don't worry about success. I worry about failure.

  3. Hmm, making choices can be hard, espically thinking of what will happen in the end