February 1, 2009

This Does Not Require a Title

"I wish my mother would die so I could kill myself without hurting anyone."

I've always been told be careful what I wish for; it just might happen. But in the mind of the suicidal, what happens soon won't matter anymore, except to those still living. But if they're dead too, then no one will care, and no one will call you selfish and no one will have to deal with the consequences of your choice.


  1. I saw that on post secret. I couldn't for the life of me figure out what it said. I'm glad to know what it says now.

    I always thought the same thing when I was suicidal. I knew I couldn't kill myself because it would just hurt my mom, brother, and best friend. I was always afraid my mom would kill herself if I committed suicide. I couldn't stand the idea of doing that to her

  2. I wonder. If her mother really dies, what are the chances that she would feel responsible. I wonder if she would kill herself as punishment, or keep herself alive as punishment.

  3. I feel the same right now, I understand your pain. Take care.

  4. @themadandwild:
    I imagine the person would feel tremendous responsibility, or, at the very least, guilt. Judging from the past, I personally would probably keep myself alive as punishment...