August 11, 2008

Again, ignorance leaves me speechless...;_ylt=Algdo2XOpKB_xpgZTGTCEBITxgt.;_ylv=3?qid=20080811075448AAGgdGG

I can't even answer this one, there's so much fucked up with it... It makes me want to scream- or cry.

When does some chick's reputation become more important that someone's life? Why would she just stop caring? If you don't know how to handle someone who has suicidal thoughts, don't just ignore them, FREAKING LEARN ALREADY. And also, it doesn't take a degree to have friends with mental disorders.

Somehow I know that this girl is going to be next to impossible to change. In my opinion, she's the selfish one.

I just can't confront these people. It's too hard for me just to read...


  1. >>Tact is not something I am known for.

    You don't say? I'm not even going to bother commenting on the first four or five sentences.

    >>i tried to be positive, and to let her know that I didn't want her to go, but if she did, that to thank her for her friendship,and i was glad to have known her.

    That'd make you feel good right there!

    I think when someone tells you they want to kill themselves, then attention equals help.

    But it's a really difficult position to be in. What exactly does this friend expect the asker to do when she says she's going to kill herself? It isn't fair to do that to your friends.

    Mariah, you must know, it's the most awful feeling. It's too much responsibility. You *have to* distance yourself from it emotionally to survive but, at the same time, not distance yourself from the person.

    If a person can't cope with their friend threatening to commit suicide, I don't think that necessarily makes them a bad friend or person. Granted, this person has poor interpersonal skills and isn't able to express that it's too much for her to handle without causing offence but the friend should respect her friend's limits. IMO, you could still talk about shoes or kitty cats or whatever and encourage the person to go out, see people etc. without every conversation turning into a therapy session. That's what therapists are for.

    Instead of sending emotional e-mails and youtube clips, I wonder if this person has actually asked *how* she can help?

  2. Jay-sus, I just had a look at that person's profile. I had assumed due to her MySpace messaging and inability to locate the shift key on her keyboard that she was a kid.

    She is a stay-at-home mom.

    And an aspiring screenwriter! No, that's not going to do it. An aspiring screenwriter!!! (Note: being able to actually type would help. She can't find the enter key either.)

    Mariah, sweetheart, don't even let someone like that bother you. In two words, SHE'S DUMB. In seven words, SHE'S DUMB AND SHE DOESN'T KNOW IT. She doesn't even have the excuse of being young and ignorant.

    I don't want to be patronising but you're at an age where you can say and do all kinds of awful and people will forgive you because of your youth. But instead you're sensitive and thoughtful, intelligent and questioning, considerate and caring. If I didn't know your age, I'd assume you were the adult.

    You might not want to publish this as I'm being a holy cow and this probably comes under "intentionally hurtful" but I think it's something worthwhile saying to you.

  3. 1. This is mostly about the second comment.

    2. I never look at anyone's profile. I too assumed that she was around 14 or 15.

    3. Everyone's an aspiring something-or-another these days.

    4. As you can tell, I did publish the comment, as the actual post isn't exactly nice and polite either.

  4. Everyone's an aspiring something-or-another these days.

    Goals are great, dreams are wonderful but this is delusion. My day job is in TV (mostly making coffee) and I write on the side and I can tell you that this person has as much chance of even getting her script read, never mind selling it, as I have of becoming an astronaut. She can't write a sentence, never mind a script. I find it staggering. But then I suppose America was built on the premise that anything is possible, anybody can be president.

  5. I do agree, but, for example, go to the performing arts section of Y!A and look at all the questions from young teens who think they'll be the next big pop star. A LOT of people have delusions, apparently.

    Then again, the woman could've been in a rush when typing the question, but I don't think it's quite that hard to separate something that long into a few paragraphs.

  6. Hi

    I just read that question on Yahoo.
    This person is very clueless -trust me. The irony of this is the woman has MI - yet she judges and persecutes others with MI. Read the answers she gives -it says a lot.