August 6, 2008

The Strange and Wonderful Keywords

Today I would like to present some of the stranger ways people found this blog through Internet searches.

examples od sucide notes from canadians
Not any here, but there's one American one. And please spell a bit better next time.

suicide is selfish
There's some argument about that.

suicide survivor poems their choice
There's some argument about that too.

eva marisah
Either I have a stalker, or this wasn't what they had in mind.

girlvinyl dyke
I can agree.

exploding person cartoon
pig exploding
cartoons of exploding people
Now that's just gross.

Then there's everything else related to emo cults, Ruslana Korshunova, and a silly video about a chalk-throwing professor. And a few searches pertaining to the actual topic of this blog sprinkled in.

1 comment:

  1. Exploding people cartoon? Now that is odd. I have had 43 hits for self esteem spelt esteme which I have always thought of as odd because i have no post in which it is mis spelt. X