August 16, 2008

Hanging in the Mist

It's been two years.

Something still tells me it can't be true. Is it because the time felt shorter to me, or longer?

Two years ago, the telephone rang as I reached to put an I ♥ NY mug into the cabinet. It's strange to think that there's nothing that defines that moment besides the hours that followed, and the overwhelming question of WHY that still persists.

I feel like I've gotten lost while teleporting to the past. My mind is in one place, and my body is in another. I'm hanging in the mist between, cold and exhausted. No pain, not anymore, or is it that it hasn't arrived yet?

1 comment:

  1. Sorry to read about your loss, that day will sadly stay with you for a long time. Your sorrow, and pain does have a weakening affect on me... Since I have at many time crossed that blurred line and some time you for get about the wake of people left behind that would be tormented by my own actions. Then needs of many out weight the needs of the one...

    thank you!