August 13, 2009

Cutting on the Today Show

Watch a medical analysist talk about SI while Seventeen magazine editor sits awkwardly to the side.

I don't think Dr. Snyderman's analysis is the primary factor in most cases. Almost everyone who cuts that I've met experiences self-loathing to various degrees, but we consist of more than our bodies. Inside our minds, we hate ourselves for not being good enough; for always being wrong; for being useless; for not being able to cope with stuff beyond our control. Our bodies are the physical holders of our minds, and so we cut them, because it's the easiest outlet to ourselves. Looking like a model on the cover of Seventeen is not, nor ever was, a goal of every SI-ing teenage girl. Some girls may feel the say Dr. Snyderman describes, but cutting can't be obliviated with stickers on all Photoshopped pictures (an idea I completely support) or an outright airbrushing ban.

It bothers me that even with this serious topic all girls are typecasted to shallow, pretty, little things.


  1. "It bothers me that even with this serious topic all girls are typecasted to shallow, pretty, little things."

    This is rubbish: not all girls are pretty.

    Seriously: why would anyone with your talent and wit have problems with her self-esteem? Deep down you must know you're superior to most people so I don't see how you'd get to the point of hating yourself. Unless you set insanely high standards for yourself of course. I'm not a cutter (I'd rather hurt others, lol) but I do know a few people who did and I do think I understand the mindset, more or less anyway. Perhaps later on I'll go into that a little deeper but for now suffice to say that life just isn't worth worrying about, much less be upset about it. Once you see life is a pretty trivial affair and happiness is but a fleeting dream you get over your hang-ups and life will be alot more peaceful (or at least more tolerable). You'll learn, trust me. At least when all these hormones have settled down, being a teenager sucks big time and I had the luxury of being born a guy. I can't imagine what women must go through.

    In a slightly more humorous format, laugh and learn: "I've learned that life is one crushing defeat after another untill you just wish Flanders were dead". (the Simpsons)



  2. Dude, did you watch the whole interview. Like the whole seven minute segment. Or did you just watch the little 4 second clip? Because, yeah, in the clip it seems like she's trivializing it, but if you watch the whole discussion, they're not as bad as you seem to think it is. She straight up says that the problem is depression, not JUST self-loathing.