July 19, 2009

"Cutting Is Fun," Says Teen

This interviewee would be one of those SIers who perpetuate the myth of "cutting is just a fashion statement" and that "cutters have no real problems." I think she pretty much speaks for herself.

Q: “At what age did you begin to injure yourself?”
A: “I started cutting at around 13 or 14 years old, around beginning of
junior high.”

Q: “What was the reason you began to hurt your body? Was there a
specific “breaking point” moment?”
A: “I began to do it out of fun. I thought it would be cool to start making
marks on my arms, around me there was like this fad of cutting. I don’t know
why, it was kind of entertaining to do it. I guess there wasn’t really a
breaking point, I just felt antsy and thought it would be a good reliever of

Q: “How did it feel when you would hurt yourself?”
A: “It would depend. Sometimes I felt a lot of pain and other times it felt
kind of…good“.

Q: “Why did you decide to cut your arms instead of seeking other means
for emotional relief?”
A: “I felt a kind of desperation and anxiety towards life in general. Once
I started making the marks I couldn’t stop, it turned into an addiction. I
thought “No one really cares, no one notices anyways”.

Q: “In what moments would you feel more compelled to injure
A: “Depended on the situation, if I was with some friends I’d do it for
fun. Other times it was because I felt sad or depressed or felt kind of

Q: “Have you stopped hurting yourself? If so, how long did you
A: “It’s over now, or at least I’m trying to end it. February was the last
time I did anything.

Q: “Do you still feel the need to injure your body?”
A: “Sometimes I do, it’s addicting, but then I stop myself before I let my
thoughts go any further.”

Q: “How were you able to overcome the problem?”
A: “I realized it was useless to do those things; the fun I thought was in
it is gone. I came to the realization that there was no need to cut my arms, its
pointless really, and it solves nothing.”

Q: “What advice would you give to others in a similar situation as
A: “Try to find other means for your escape, a healthier mean. You don’t
need to hurt yourself. If you feel the problem is too big, then find someone
whom you can trust to express what you’re feeling.”

To be honest, when it all boils down, a cutter is still a cutter, no matter the reasons that provoke him or her. To this particular person, it seems to be mostly a self-esteem/ resisting peer pressure thing, which ARE problems, of course. But I can't imagine how cutting oneself can be "entertaining" at all.


  1. I for one have never found anything entertaining or fun in cutting. Relief? Yes. A certain morbid fascination? Maybe. But entertainment? *shakes head* Not ever. Cutting is not a fad, nor is mental illness. It seems to me that a lot of kids these days are hurting themselves because they think it is cool. I wonder how cool they will think the scars later in life.(I know I absolutely hate mine.) I wonder how cool they will think it when they cut too deep and wind up in the ER (because explaining that and keeping yourself from being admitted is neither fun nor is it easy). If you're feeling a bit antsy drink some tea, take a hot bath, go for a run (I say this not to trivialize legitimate mental illness but rather for those who cut for the entertainment value and/or because they are feeling just a little blue). The scars you end up with (and if you continue cutting odds are you will get to the point where you are leaving scars if you are not already), the shame you will very likely feel about it later in life... believe me, it's not worth it.

    Sorry about the book, btw, lol. Looks like it's a topic I'll have to write a blog entry about myself doesn't it ;)

  2. My thoughts exactly. I recently ended up in the ER myself for SI... and it was horrible.

    She describes SI as the new party drug.

    I guess what really bothers me here was that this interview is promoted to raise awareness.

  3. I hate that interviews like this even get published, that people read this and will think that this is true. I completely fail to understand how SI could ever be seen as entertainment or as fun. I think the fact that this person can claim that it's entertaining simply underlines the serious problems they must have.

    I never cut for fun or for entertainment, it was torture what I did to myself and the way most people feel when they self harm is what needs to be talked about and promoted to raise awareness, not this person's seemingly skewed views of everything I guess.

  4. Wow... cutting for entertainment... I have never heard that before.

    I know when I have si-ed that there is a visual aspect of it that is appealing to me... but it's added alongside other reasons.

    But for fun... fun... why did she do that interview. *is frustrated*

  5. Sorry to comment such a long time after this was posted but I felt I had to.

    I also started cutting at the beginning of High school, about 12, and I also did it for "fun" sometimes. When I first started I did it, yes, for entertainment, as well as punishment. It gradually evolved to become only punishment.

    I can't comment on what this person meant but for me it was never a fashion statement, never because of peer pressure, it was always something to be hidden.

    Does this mean the cutting was any less relevant or acceptable than for those who did it to torture themselves? Is it normal to cut one's own arms with a knife for "fun"? *sigh* Does this mean I'm even more fucked up than I thought I was?

    Totally Detached

  6. It is never fun or entertaining to cut ones self. Though I understand how one can view it this way. Once I said I would never do it and couldn't understand why anyone would do such a thing. My friend told me you will see, she was right. I did see. Her scars and open cuts intrigued me and after researching it on the internet I decided to try it. One day I became sad and knew that this was when you were suppose to do it. So I did but it hurt but I knew it was suppose to. I kept trying and soon the scratches that I tried so hard to make drew some blood. I was fascinated by the way it looked and the sensation I felt in my arm and hand. The tension was gone. I was still sad but I had something else to focus on in the mean time. I felt refreshed! I have often thought maybe I did it because it seemed like a fad at the time, people I knew and liked did it. Was that wrong, yeah. The fact was that I did it any ways and I had to actually have been in some type of tourment mentally to try such a method. Its not cool and I would never want to show the scars. People are always looking to find some thing wrong with them and when they cannot, they make something wrong with them. Just think about that.....
    Ruby Gloom

  7. I've done it too. I'll admit nothing was fun about it. My bestfriend was the one who got me interested in it. I tried it once and now 4 years later I still do it. I don't know how to stop even though I know in all honesty it is pointless. My boyfriend knows somethings wrong but I can't tell him. For me it feels as if it's cutting or sex. I'd rather not bring myself down to the level where I need sex so instead I cut to supress my urges. No one really knows but It's true. I don't know what else to do.

    Yours truly,

  8. call me crazy but i personally do find cutting fun in some ways, and i actually did start cutting just to fit in... it was just sort of complicated. i was seen as the "emo girl" people looked at me with dissaproving eyes of pity and it killed me. it was a new environment and i just couldn't adjust to it. in the middle of the depression i had completely lost who i was before. i was shy and quiet so i was forever labeled "emo", i knew i wasn't but then again i didn't know "who" i was. and after one more dissasterly attempt of putting myself out there and trying to make friends which ended up in complete failure, i ended up on the floor bawling my eyes out, with a knife slashing away at my wrist saying that if this is who they say i am, if this is who they want me to be then this is who i'll be. thinking that maybe by being who they say i am then they might accept me and let me be a part of their world. haha well that didn't work obviously.it just made me hate myself even more then i ever did. one for conforming to what they wanted me to be and secondly for doing such a horribly stupid thing. it was slowly eating away at me, to know that i was so weak that i had to kill myself to live. but when i got into high school and found a group of people who liked me and accpeted me for who i was, i was slowly able to start accepting myself. i was able to get out of the depression...or at least somewhat. lol am getting off topic. after i stopped "needing" to cut i found myself really "wanting" to cut anyways...cutting just feels so good. the feeling of a cold blade on numb skin.. then the fiery warmth that fallows, the captivating red liquid flowing down your arm reassuring you that you are indeed alive. it is very entertaining even though most people would find it extremely twisted. and if cutting didn't leave scars then i can assure you that i would have never stopped.

  9. People start to cut out of fascination, boredom, grief, depression. They think that a more physical pain would decrease their psychological pain, stress, anxiety. When you cut, pull hair, harm your body in any physical way endorphins are released into your blood stream. Endorphins are an endogenous opioid that function as neurotransmitters which give you temporary relief and acts as an endogenous sedative. As we know, opioids are very addictive. That's why its hard for one to stop if they have been doing so for a long period of time. It's not the safest form of relief, if one really needs to cut for temporary relief id recommend going to the Dr. and being prescribed some medications that can help. Cutting is self-medication. If you refuse to get medical help, self-medicating can harm even if it seems to help. I have had friends in the past that used to cut and when i went into the medical field, i researched human psychology. In fact i have actually cut myself quite a few times just cause i thought it would be cool to see blood drip from my fingertips. It kind of was until i realized what i was doing was wrong. You can exercise, meet new people, eat chocolate. There are many alternative ways to feel good, no need to harm ourselves. We all need reassurance sometimes, that life really is worth living. Sometimes we all feel like it's not going anywhere and that we have it pretty bad. When i feel like that i tend to think about people that have it way worse. A 19 year old son watching his father getting shot, mother getting raped and slaughtered, left to pick up the pieces and take care of his younger siblings. We may think that we have it bad but, the fact of the matter is it could be a lot worse. All we can do is stay strong and keep fighting. Hope this answers some questions and gives you the strength to move on. There's a saying in arabic in the islamic religion, Inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji'un. "It means We belong to god and to him we return." I do apologize if you do not believe in god and if this doesnt relate to you. If you don't just think of it like this, we all have to go one day. No one is guaranteed life but everyone is guaranteed death. All we can do after a death of a loved one is evaluate ourselves. Are we ready for death? Life has an expiration date, we might as well get the best out of it before it rots. :)

  10. I for one find cutting to be very fun! I don't see why people hate it. The pain is good, cutting itself is fun, the taste of blood is great. YOU are in control when you cut, depth, size, location; you control it all. Some people cut for attention, something is wrong, nobody notices, so they cut to get the attention of their friends and family. Maybe not all people cut for fun, but they have good reasons, otherwise they wouldn't cut.

  11. i have never cut or harmed mself but recently i have been thinking about it a lot!! mainly to ease the pain! i left my x partner and my little girl, for a new partner who was married, there were a LOT of LIES from her side ie hiding from me her meeting up with him which i new n e way as i had been like that before, but i just dont no how to satisfy her n e more!!!! i buy her gifts, i make her happy in the bedroom, i tell her i love her but something is wrong!! i wish i new wht it was as every time i see a blade i really want to CUT myslef!! to ease the pain of my WHOLE life! i feel like i have ruined so many peoples lives!!!! i have set up my own buisness with familys money and it has all gone wrong!! I FEEL LIKE SUCH A FAILER AND I REALLY DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!! I GAVE UP DRINKING BUT EVEN THAT DIDNT HELP!!! I JUST WANT TO FEEL PAIN FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP???? X

  12. Call me crazy. I do NOT reccomend cutting, as it becomes addictive. But it is so, so, so fun.