January 3, 2009

Selfish, Take Three

This is not quite like attempts one and two.

I created a poem from the opinions of the masses (yes, Yahoo! Answers again).

It is mostly word mash.

the most lonely decision
an act of desperation
self murder
what do you think? selfish, or not?
"Suicide" is a self-centered, cowardly act!
it takes a real bravery to live.
to live is not just to exist
Others may start to feel guilty
be devastated
you took your life from them
the most self-centered way possible
type of thing isn't what you think about
severely depressed
mental illness...where their brains are diseased
Drugs can sometimes make it worse too
I don't think depression takes over rational thought.
we don't know how death is
Deliberately taking a bullet for someone is suicide
don't expect pity and sorrow from me
people who commit suicide want to be found
selfish for making them stay
burden on society
suicides as cowardly sins
the need to end it all
emotionally unstable
Ending your life is never about you.
suicidal tendencies are only thinking of themselves
so what makes you special?
the person who does it has his/her brain damaged
it must be hell
one less mouth to feed. one less leech
resources exist to get help
one of the ten commandments is thou shall not kill
giving up on life
most people can't imagine the level of grief or sadness a person can get to
suicide is a justifiable choice
"honorable" exit
people who arent strong enough to make it thru lifes trials
are cowards
Selfish, yes. Stupid, yes.
everybody is selfish
life in any form is better than no life
stigma attached to suicide
associated with shame
a cop out
why go on?
Would Ebenezer Scrooge, for instance, just off himself one day because he's that selfish?
Life seems to me to be a gift; if I didn't like the gift though, I doubt I'd keep it.
My fiance shot himself in the head when I was 18. I'm almost 24 now and it still effects every aspect of my life.

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