August 24, 2008

Why So Serious?

Things people have said/typed in the past week directed toward me:
"Lighten up."
"Seriously, what is the last thing that made you laugh?"
"Smile. Please."
"At least pretend to be cheerful."
"Do you even have a sense of humor?"

Yes, I do. Have a sense of humor, that is. Let's just say that it's somewhat unconventional for someone my age, and occasionally slightly sadistic. (REVENGE! BUHAHAHA!)

But it's all true, sadly. I don't laugh nearly as often as other people seem to; after telling a joke, you're lucky if you get a weakish smile. I'm not amused by overused puns and groin-kicking acts, and I don't see how a lot of teenagers think putting someone down is funny. Overused puns are, well, overused, my brothers tell me getting kicked in the balls is extremely painful, and put-downs are plain insulting.

Well, they try to explain to me, you don't find put-downs funny because you're always too serious. Can't you take a joke?

Um, no, I guess I can't. I don't think I'd like to be the guy you pointed at through the car window and said that he looks like a gorilla.

And why should I walk around with a grin on my face? If there's something wonderful that makes me do that, so be it, but otherwise I'd think it'd be creepy.

Furthermore, they say I try too hard to be politically correct. If that's so, why did I find this halarious? Yes, it's wrong, but it does basically sum up every "debate" I've ever had...

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