July 2, 2008

Simply Mariah

Written on July 10th, 2004

I am Mariah
Simply Mariah
Nothing more
I have no
Great title nor
Amazing skill
I am Mariah
Simply Mariah

My parents aren't
Rich and famous
My siblings are
Just, well, siblings
We live in
Boring suburbia
I am Mariah
Simply Mariah

What marks me as
Different from others
My appearance
Isn't extraordinary
Untidy hair
Goodwill clothes
I am Mariah
Simply Mariah

What would I give
To be a somebody
A somebody
Everyone knows
A somebody
Who is unique
But I am Mariah
Simply Mariah

Yet Simply Mariah
Isn't all that bad
Sometimes it's better
To blend in and
Not have a face
Still I wish that
I wasn't Mariah
Simply Mariah

I have changed quite a lot in four years. I long for the old anonymity and carefree, easygoing life I expirienced at twelve. On the other hand, my poetry-writing tecniques and skill level haven't progressed much, which bothers me more than a little. I still like the poem though.

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