July 3, 2008

Exploding Cartoon Pigs

Today I stumbled upon an article on a Christian news site titled "When Cartoons Tell Kids to Die" Naturally, I was intrigued.

The main focus of the article is an online quiz/game put out by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation which asks 11 questions relating to carbon consumption, CO2 emissions, and your daily habits (play the game here.) Called Prof. Schinpinkee's Greenhouse Calculator, it features a cartoon dog wearing a lab coat, making the assumption easy that it is meant for children, as demonstrated in the CBN article.

I beg to differ. Many of the questions are not related to a child's life whatsoever, for example, in question #2, it asks how much of your car fuel is paid by your employer.

So the interactive web feature may be geared for adults, but does that really make it any less disturbing? It calls people pigs, and, according to them, the average Aussie has used up his "share of the Earth" and "should die" by the time he is twenty years old. The results are shown to a graphic of an exploding pig.

Yes, I get it: ride the bike more, accidentally leave the lights on less. I understand that many people could take simple steps in their lives to preserve the Earth for the future. But telling people they should be dead? Seems a bit extreme to me.

Oh, and my results: "At this rate, you could live forever!"

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