July 21, 2008

Conversation II

Think of what you'll miss out on if you commit suicide!


You'll never graduate high school, fall in love, have children- all that.

I knew what you meant. I just don't see how I'll be able to "miss out on" it if I'm dead.

Okay, maybe not miss out, but definitely never experience, anyhow.

Am I supposed to care? I don't now, and I certainly won't if I'm dead.

It's wonderful stuff.

The way I am, things aren't ever going to be wonderful. Good things don't find me in this state. I mean, I very well might drop out of school.


  1. I've heard this argument oh so many times and been on both sides. It's a valid argument though, even if most people approach it with the intelligence and finesse of a sixteenwheeler truck.

    There *are* beautiful and wonderful things in life, regardless of your own mental state. You may feel at the moment like there's nothing good in the world but that's depression talking, it strips us of all the lights leaving us blind to beauty. Maybe it would help to make a list of all things you enjoy in the world, all the places you would like to visit, the things you would like to learn, things you would like to do, even types of people you would like to meet. At the very least that should give you some things to "look forward to" :)

    Of course the counter argument is that for every good thing in the world there are ten horrible things humans do. This is where Law of Attraction and being selective with the influences in your life come into play.

    Take care of yourself, and if you need someone to talk to either look up the appropriate organisations, or feel free to email me :) *hugs*

  2. That is a very rational argument. It never fails to amase me when I hear of people planning their funerals (them being old not suicidal) i always feel like saying does it matter your dead but dont because they look to be having fun. (I bet it sounds like I come across these discussions alot,I dont.) Look after youself. Hannah X