July 24, 2008

Consumerism and Materialism Rant

Overheard conversation between a group of 13-14 year old girls:

Girl A: I NEED a new cell phone. My dad has a Razor- it's so embarassing!

Girl B: Which one are you going to get?

Girl A: I like those new ones with the keyboards. Or maybe an iPhone.

Girl C: Wait- you already have a phone?

Girl A: I don't use it much. Unless someone texts me. Which is like, totally useless since my stupid parents won't pay for it.

Girl C: Why? I have unlimited texting AND Internet.

Girl A: They think I should (makes air quotes with fingers) learn responsibility by paying for these things myself.

Girl B: But... if you don't text, you won't use the keyboard.

Girl A: I know. But they're so awesome!!!

Why does it seem to me that happiness and success are measured in material things? It bothers me that people can be that superficial.

Or maybe they're not. I'm bothered and it's not like I do much about it, so who's to say they're not the same?

Everyone wants to fit in. That's obvious. But in the way I think, someone's not really your friend if they suddenly exile you because you aren't wearing the "right" style of shoe. Or don't have a certain type of cell phone. Or are an epic failure because you turned down some OMG he's so hott dates.

And: if you aren't going to use it, don't buy it; that's ridiculous. Especially if you know that right from the start. This goes hand in hand with the teenagers who need the reduced lunch prices but are sporting hair highlights and brand-new iPods.

I also hate it when people feel obligated to give me a gift, even though I tell them it's not really nesecery or that I don't want anything (except some sanity, world peace, and a magical cure for migraine headaches).

Buy this. Buy that. Oh, look! A slightly better version! Best sale of the season! I get overwhelmed.
And whatever happened to meaningful conversations? It's just as topical. Aren't/isn't my new shoes/cell phone/boyfriend so awesome!
I just can't take being someone other than yourself just to pretend to fit in, and that conversation pushed me over the edge today.


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