June 10, 2008

There is not a word that describes my disgust.


I don't know where to begin on this one. Even if the site is meant as comedy (and I'm not really sure of this; click on any of the articles linking to it and the material is equally offensive), this page makes suicide into one big joke. It almost made me sick... this is by far way worse than the articles on MCR.

It might do some good to mention that nowhere in the article or website does it say that this is for entertainment purposes only and not to be taken seriously.

Let's start with the first paragraph:

Suicide is the absolute and irreversible pwnage of one's self IRL in which said
individual subsequently becomes an hero to those still
dwelling in the real world. It is the
equivalent of flipping over the Monopoly board. Contrary to popular believe this
also stops you from posting online.
*Advice to those who are less mentally stable: If you
intend to kill yourself, DO NOT tell anyone
or they may try to stop you.*

First of all, it seems to say that those who commit suicide are remembered as heroes after death, and glamorizing it. Secondly, it says that suicide is insignificant- or at least that's what I take "flipping over the Monopoly board" to mean, if anyone thinks differently, please say so, as that phrase confuses me quite a bit. Thirdly, OF COURSE if you're dead you're not going to be online. Also, there is a grammatical error. Finally, it tells suicidal people not to seek help.

As the title of this says, there is not a word (or even a lot of words together) that describes my disgust. I do not feel it is necessary for me to rant on about it either. Therefore I will share the most horrifying bits here and you can feel free to read the full article and the accompanying photo captions at the original source, at the link at the top.

This is one of the best forms of suicide, since it teaches impressionable
young children not only that suicide is cool, but that it will benefit the other
children all around them as well. This will cause more bullies to push suicide
as an option, which should create more an heroes... Which of
course, will generate more lulz.

Why leave the cruel, cruel world alone? You may as well take down a few emos and jews while you're at it for extra lulz, and, for that matter, Man points. And babies. Who doesn't love Dead babies? If you kill enough of them and maybe, find the much hunted faggot emo jew- and kill him in a LULZ way, you might not want to leave this world anymore. Why to give up on the fun of killing emos and fags and jews while the sun is shining and the minigun is rolling?
see Virginia Tech massacre for moar information.

Make sure you fuck with a lot of people the day before you do it, maybe kick some random three year old on the street in the face or something. Cause you're gonna die anyway, might as well give yourself and the world some lulz before you throw yourself in a tree grinder. Maybe pwn some people with a machine gun and then smoke a shit load of meth, its up to you.

[edit] Be a movie star!
Way 1.
If you're going to die, why not apply to appear in a snuff movie? These are pornographic movies where the star is tortured and killed for the kicks of others. Sure, your death will be horrendous - but you'll be dead either way, and you might as well give something back to the community. God knows you did nothing worthwhile when you were alive. Additionally, why not arrange for the movie to be shown at your funeral? It'll be a talking point for years to come, particularly in therapy sessions.
Way 2.
Right before you kill yourself, post a video on Youtube saying you're killing yourself and why. Also reveal your name; most likely you'll become famous and Encyclopedia Dramatica will post the video here for the lulz. Also, if you're upset because of an article about you here on ED, please mention that in your video so it will raise our ratings

Different cultures have very different forms of suicide from our western culture.

seppuku, the only thugged out way to commit suicide.
Azns perform Hari Kiri
Muslims strap bombs to themselves
Emos post suicide notes on myspace and die in public bathrooms
Junkies OD on needle-drugs while setting highscores for Dance Dance Revolution

[edit] People who should commit suicide
Seth MacFarlane
Guy Chapman
Perez Hilton
fuck you
fuck you
fuck you
Phaedriel (actually, she will)
Fred Bauder
Ann Coulter

P.S. I looked at the "articles" for woman, depression, and My Chemical Romance (because it linked to the depression page.) I was too afraid to look up Judaism or bipolar disorder... If this isn't a hate movement, then I don't know what is...



  1. On the About page it does actually say that this is a humour site. However I personally fail to see how inciting suicide, violence, and racial hatred can ever be seen as such!


  2. Where's the About page? I couldn't find one before, and still can't find it.

  3. http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/Encyclopedia_Dramatica:About

    Right at the bottom of the page there is a link, in the footer.


  4. Sorry to have left my comment last night...I was just having a really hard time and should not have even visited your site. Today, right now, is better.

  5. "Much like its relatives, such as ADD and depression, Bipolar disorder is completely made up. Being bipolar is like riding a rollercoaster: scary and exciting.

    Thankfully, 20-25% of all bipolar people's lives are lost to suicide."

    Oh my God... that page is so out of order I can't get the words either. I'm actually angry - I'm angry because a couple of e-cretins think it's funny, jeez, sense of humour bypass on whose side? Gotta be theirs.

    How the hell did you find that site? It's so horribly unfunny I can't believe it!

    Suzy x

  6. Suzy- I was trying different searches for suicide-related articles and that one kept coming up.

  7. I really want to shut this site down. Some way or some how. Anybody with decency can see this site is nothing, but filth. Even if I did shut it down, they could always just relocate. Something should be done. I have something I can use against them, but I won't tell it here because they could remove it if they thought it would be incriminating against them. I want them to go down hard.