February 4, 2008

The Statistics

Firstly, before I do anything else, I would like to provide some basic backround information on teen suicide. I have cross-checked these numbers with various resourses.

Teen suicide is the third leading cause for death in the United States among young people aged 15-24, after unintentional injuries and homocide. The rate is 9.9/100,000, or 0.01%.

In youth aged 10-14, it is 1.3/100,000 or 272 deaths among 20,910,440 children in this age group.

The teen suicide rate among youth aged 15-19 is 7.9/100,000 or 1,611 deaths among 20,271,312 teenagers in this age group.

Among young people 20 to 24 years of age, the youth suicide rate was 12/100,000 or 2,360 deaths among 19,711,423 people in this age group.

It is estimated that for every death by suicide, there are 8-25 more attempts that did not result in death.

4 out of 5 teens give clear warning signs before attempting suicide.

Yes, these are morbid numbers, I know, but hiding from them isn't going to make them go away.

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