July 8, 2009



On the loose to climb a mountain

On the loose where I am free

On the loose to live my life

The way I think my life should be

For I only have a moment

And a world world yet to see

I'll be looking for tomorrow

On the loose

Remembering once-upon-a-time:

Anything is possible;

Life tilts in rhyme.

Spinning, whirling, dancing;

Blurry images fly past;

A multitude of images colliding.

I am melting, pooling,

One with the world.

Liquid existence, slowly cooling,

Space, time, the whole continuum,

Starting, stopping, loosing joint.

Who am I? Where did I come from?

We were all young once.

The human race has yet to

Scratch the sands of time.

Little me, only a fleck of dust

In the great big universe.

Our ancestors were born.

They lived, and they died.

I was born, I live, and

I ultimately will die.

I think I know

Where I am from,

But I do not know

To where I am going.

And I can't find out,

Little helpless me.

It's so easy to give in,

Gentle tugging of a stronger flow

Lapping at your ankles.

Is to live only to drift?

Sometimes I wonder

Amongst rolling hills and starry skies

Why must we all respire in a common way?

I met a little girl once

Very precocious

She could tell you anything

Or at the very least

Tell you what she thought to be true

Self-assuredly right

(Her name was Mariah)

Here I am much older

And I know absolutely nothing

But isn't it

"He who is the wisest knows nothing"?

Can I forget?

dancing through the air

ribbons of steam


like pale whispering spirits

vaporous tendrils twisting


resurrected thoughts

finally escaped for good


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