January 17, 2009

And Music Makes Me Cry.... Again

Reason not to become a rock star #18: regurgitation.

There should be a law against this stuff.

There are music samples on all the pages, in case you or your friend have accidentally ingested poison and need to induce puking.

First up, we have Harptallica! Judging from the name, there really aren't any surprises as to what this is- two girls playing Metallica on harps. The result is something they would play in nursing homes.

Imagine Green Day without guitars, drums, or vocals. Then put it into the background of a cheesy, feel-good Christmas movie. Having trouble? I would've too, until I heard Green Days of Christmas. Yeesh. And why is Jesus of Suburbia only three minutes long?

And then there's one big offender here: Rockabye Baby! They have released "covers" (I use this term very loosely here) of many popular groups, including Green Day (poor, poor Green Day! They've made it twice into this post.); Nirvana, The Rolling Stones (at least the cover on this one's mildly amusing); Led Zeppelin; Pink Floyd (there's something more than a little disturbing about tucking your kid in at night to "Mother"); and many others. It appears that no one has been spared.

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