December 19, 2008

Top 10 Depression Blogs of 2008

The Suicide List has been included on Psych Central's Top Ten Depression Blogs of 2008. The others are Postpartum Progress, Depression Marathon, The Splintered Mind, Beyond Blue, Storied Mind, A Beautiful Revolution, Letters from Exile, Avoidance Junkie, and Chunks of Reality. Walking the Black Dog, Fighting the Urge, and His and Hers Depression Blog received honorable mentions. Congrats to all!

Blogs are human documents. A psychology textbook can tell you how a depressed person thinks, but it cannot tell you what it's like living with depression. This is what I think draws me and many others to the medium.

If you want to know what a day in the life of a single mother raising two sons in Ohio is like, chances are there's someone out there writing a blog about it. The Internet, while often painted in a negative light of a sprawling, lawless, intellectual wasteland, I know it can create amazing connections between people living on opposite sides of the planet, and foster greater understanding of different lifestyles and people- especially those that do not get much mainstream media attention.

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