December 17, 2008

On Desperation and Bravery: Wisdom From YouTube

From the comments of this video (I am not any of these people):

this song makes me wanna kill myself im bored as hell no1 likes me and ive always wondered wot happens wen u dye hmmm unless im convinced within the next week cya l8r world ( oh and nice song btw )

you have to be real brave to commit suicide, so it might be a lot harder to do than what you might think

Or really stupid, or really desperate.

desperate for what? your dead...and stupid? maybe, if they are considering it they have experienced great pain...something you wouldnt know about, unless you've expieranced it yourself, so to all people who have acually been able to do this, congrats, R.I.P. cuz you deserve it

My brother killed himself, he was not brave and he was far from clever. He drove off a cliff in fear of going to prison, of dissapointing us all - Suicide is not glorious and you should never make it out to be. These people are scared and desperate, just like my brother.

nah your wrong you dont know what your talking about just cuz your brother did it for that reason doesnt mean everyone does it for that reason. Better reasons1. When people hate you, everyone and you just want to get back at them and shoot them, instead of killing 50 ppl you kill yourself (1person)2. Emotional pain is greater than any other, no pain is greater...and something you can only understand if your exp yourself...

When people hate you? People are always going to hate you at some stage, but there are people that love you too, and love is greater than hate. Emotional pain? You don't think I was hurting to see my only brother kill himself? I've been through it, i've come out the other side a better person - suicide is a cry for help, a last resort...even then it cant be justified.

about ur comment about god not loving us he does he gave us free will and choices have u ever heard of miracles retard? god is angry at the world for all the crap we screwd up with do u see him destroying every1? i understand the suicide part ive felt it myself but my god. u have some problems if u think god hates us

yeah you gotta be brave to do it. but if your stupid enough to not think about your friends well then you deserve to have you life taken. no offence to all the people whohave done it. im sorry if it sounds mean. but your stupid if you kill your self and not care about the people around you...

ya but that part that you probably dont that most people do it because either 1. they have no friends. or 2. because their "friends" arent really that good of friends and are the reason why they are so depressed, and sometimes they feel like thats the only way to get out, or sometimes the only way of revenge to their "friends"

Personally, I wonder what the person whose lines I've left the default color's life story is.


  1. My advice? Stay away from YouTube comments sections. If I ever feel my commitment to misanthropy wavering, that's where I go to recharge my hate-batteries.

  2. I generally try to.

    However, sometimes it's too hard not to look.

    YouTube really reassures one's faith in humankind, doesn't it?

  3. Wisdom from youtube is an oxymoron.
    The people who comment on youtube are just morons.

  4. Wow, sometimes ignorance actually is bliss.

    But no, that's not true. Reading that crap docked me a few IQ points, I'm sure. Ignorance is clearly the problem here... not that I have any real answers but I hope I'd manage something marginally more compassionate and less vapid.

  5. I was hoping people would catch the scarcasm in the title.

    "Wisdom according to YouTube" might've been better, I guess.

  6. *shakes her head in disbelief*. yep, it really restores my faith in humanbeings *sarcastic*