September 3, 2008

Still around, but...

I may not be able to post often, as the time has arrived for me to go back to being stuffed into prison cells- sorry, I should say classrooms*- and force-fed whatever information and politically correct views the government decided on.

Yeah, I don't enjoy school, but I promised myself I'd actually try to have half a heart this year. It'll probably only last until sometime in November, though.

*I am not kidding about this. The school is constructed out of cement blocks, and most of the classrooms don't have widows, which would make it slightly more bearable.


  1. Hope the new term goes well at school. Hannah x

  2. Good luck with getting back into it. It can be rough, I know. Hopefully you'll find something of merit though that's probably laughably optimistic. What I remember of school I do not remember fondly Lol

  3. Thanks.

    But, CK, I'm sorry to say that that is laughably opimistic.