June 29, 2008

Not Again...

Telegraph.co.uk: 'Emo' fan 'hanged herself after talking of suicide'

Would it really be so remarkable if it weren't for the Hannah Bond controversy in May?
And nobody reached out to this poor girl who was asking for help?
And why are these the only suicides that make it into the media?
And why the hell do people keep finding this blog by googling emo cult?

Blog post and comments which refered me to the article

Posts about the Hannah Bond/MCR case:

My thoughts can be applied similiarly.


  1. Blah. Stupid frickin media.


  2. God I hate sensationalist media like this, and why the telegraph of all papers, i thought it was papers like the mail who were like this, not broadsheets. Whats so wrong with listening to music as you die and if its emo so be it, a few times when i have ateempted i have listened to music I see nothing wrong with it. "Fans often paint their nails black and wear black eyeliner." I love this bit, dont most teenagers wear eyeliner?

  3. Colouredmind-
    If I were to listen to music as I attempted suicide, it wouldn't be about sunshine and butterflies. It wouldn't suit the mood.