June 13, 2008

Inconsiderate now, are we?

If I were to commit suicide by train, I doubt I'd care who was late for work. And I really dislike the second line.

A Re-cycling Appeal to ‘Jumpers’

By Laura King

Oringinal here.

Suicide is gainless

Unimaginative, clich├ęd, brainless.

Now you may say it's in bad taste

To question why this bloody waste

Of humanity

Is at worst termed 'cowardly'

Or criticise the wretched whose idea of glory

Is to incur commuter curses for train delay.

But to anyone who wants to die I say

Offer yourself to Cancer Research today!

Turn feeling useless into being useful

Leave a legacy above the miserable

Ensure your life wasn't late-aborted in vain

If the Buddhists are right, you’ll only have to do it all again

And your DNA is a much closer match

Than that of the non-consenting lab rat.

So think of humanity and maybe we'll think of you

Commemorate you with a bit of a ‘do'

Attended by all the lives you’ve saved

Who’ll drink to your life beyond the grave

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