February 10, 2008

Yeah, I guess I'm stalling...

It's just so hard to go through roughly 200 pages of rants, trying to figure out what's important and what to put in here, re-living the worst months of my life.... and trying not to break down again. So today, I'm bringing to you another image from the Internet.
EDIT: Oops. I didn't realize it wouldn't fit in the column. Well, it's still readable, and that's pretty much what matters.

MY ANALYSIS: I've talked to many teens who feel as though they're trapped in a sea of unseeing happy people. They feel as if they shouldn't be depressed, no, they should be happy just like everyone else. No one cares, no one sees, no one takes them seriously, shrugging it off as typical teenage behavior. But, really, it destroys them. Feeling like you're alone in the world is one of the worst things to feel. Suicide is viewed as the only way to escape.


  1. no one cares about your blogs.

  2. Look- a troll! And not even a good one at that!