February 28, 2008

The Public Reaction

As demonstrated in the previous post, people's reactions to mentions of suicide are often less than favorable. The sort of situation in the post is repeated many times in the "real world" and on the Internet. Sometimes I thing the online bullying is worse, due to the option of being anonymous. (I know some of the images are too big for the page. I'm too lazy to resize them at the moment, but if you click on them, you can view them full-size.)
hate hate hate on the emo\'s!
hate emo
emos SUCKemos suck
This is only a microfraction that of the material that exists.
Help, don't hurt.
Those who are suicidal often feel as if they are alone. This sort of attitude doesn't help.


  1. fuck all u mother fuckers who made this shit up and put this shit on here what if i come and kill ur instead of myself one of these days u mother fuckers are going to wish u never made this shit because i will find u

  2. I am not entirely sure why I published this comment.

    The point of this post was obviously entirely wasted on this person.

  3. Hey Mariah. I'm going off topic here. As a warning, I've read nothing of your blog. Well, two posts. But really, nothing. I plan on asking a poorly worded question, that has been asked many times before. It will be so poorly worded, it will probably be at least a little offensive.

    When do you plan on getting past this? Your side bar summery thingy says your friend died two years ago and you're still searching for answers. Do you plan on finding them? Two years is a lot of thinking... Will you find them within ten years? It just seems like you're dwelling on it too much. Especially since you made an entire blog on it. How can you get past something that you're constantly updating?

    Offtopic from this offtopic post, Have you seen "The Bridge"? Since you like to dwell on suicide, This is your kind of movie. It's a documentary about how the Golden Gate Bridge is the most popular place to commit suicide. There are interviews with the family, and actual footage of them going off. I'd really look into it. There's no sarcasm here. It's famous enough to find online if you can't find it in a store somewhere.

    And eeehm, on topic, I would think those people made up a minority.

  4. Take your emo stereotype and shove it.

  5. My, my. What's with all the nasty comments lately?